Welcome to App.Cat® PRO, the mobile assistant to your App.Cat Studio software for Mac and PC.

What is App.Cat Studio?
App.Cat Studio is software for Mac and Windows that lets you make and edit fantastic looking mobile apps in 60 seconds.

What is App.Cat PRO?
App.Cat PRO is a fully cloud enabled mobile helper app and "talks" to App.Cat STUDIO for Mac and PC so you can edit apps at the office or on the go.

If you don't own App.Cat Studio you can't use App.Cat PRO. It's an accessory for busy traveling app makers but it's in no way required nor as full featured as the main product (App.Cat Studio for Mac and PC).

App.Cat Studio is the "TV", App.Cat PRO is the "remote control". Your TV works just fine without a remote. A remote just doesn't work without the TV.

If you lost your App.Cat Studio you can re-download it to your Mac or PC here.
If you lost your login you can send it to yourself by clicking "lost password".
If you don't yet have a login you need to make one with App.Cat Studio.

This is a living document. We change it daily, just as we improve our software.
This documentation is available from within the app or the app.cat website even before purchase to assist customers trying to decide if App.Cat is for them.

1) Log In
with your credentials from App.Cat Studio
2) Tap an existing app
to edit it while away from your computer
3) Tap PUBLISH (✔)
to instantly update the app on every iPhone that has it.

You can now switch back and forth between your new app on iPhone and App.Cat PRO to see the progress you're making while you add pix, maps and other cool stuff to it.
Send it to your client by SMS or email (by clicking "Deliver") when it's ready.

You can fully remote-control your client's app and all the iPhones who have that app!
Change design, features, and content any time. Just hit the "Publish"-Button (✔) after edits and the app updates on every iPhone who has the app. There's no need for your client or his customers to do anything: Updates are fully automatic and under your control. Charge for updates if you wish. It's up to you.

Vanity URL and Mini-Site
Each app gets its very own mini-site on a very memorable URL (for example: www.app.cat/clientName). If the client or his customer goes to that web address on an iPhone it immediately lets them download the app. If the client or his customer goes to that web address on any other mobile or computer it opens a nice mini-website with a few details about the client. From there he can then "beam" the app to his iPhone via SMS or email.
This mini-site is an important tool because it's very Google-friendly and it minimizes frustration if someone doesn't have an iPhone or accidentally clicked the link to the vanity URL he received as part of a campaign while at a computer. It also features a nice selection of embeddable "download this app"-buttons for people to put on their own website or Facebook so they can help promote your app.

Reseller ad
Each app created in App.Cat shows a "Made by [yourname]" screen when the iPhone is tilted. This guarantees a lot of follow-up business of people who see the app, like it, and want one for themselves. They'll contact you so you can sell them one.

What is App.Cat PRO:
App.Cat PRO is a template based tool to rapidly edit attractive and feature-rich iPhone apps for business or pleasure. It's an accessory to App.Cat Studio for Mac and PC. It only works if you also own App.Cat Studio.

This video shows most of below instructions in action. While it's not as funny as the one with Chef Henry it works well for folks who don't like reading. It shows the making of a very detailed app before ever beaming it to another device so feel free to fast forward after 60 seconds: Watch how we make an app for a restaurant right on our iPhone (with App.Cat PRO) while waiting for desert.

Sign In Screen:
Enter the same login information that you use for your copy of App.Cat Studio for Mac and PC. If you forgot what they are you can have the information emailed to you by tapping "Forgot Password".
Remember that App.Cat PRO depends and remote controls your App.Cat Studio so if you haven't already downloaded and set up our software on your Mac or PC now would be a good time to do that. If you don't want to download and install App.Cat Studio for Mac and PC to use App.Cat PRO for iPhone you can purchase the login license here and instantly receive passwords for App.Cat PRO.

Apps Screen:
An overview of all the apps you've created so far. Obviously no apps are listed here if you haven't made any yet. Tapping (>) to the right of an app lets you edit it in the Edit Screen as described below.
Tap (+) on top right to start a new app. Tap (☸) on top left to change your login name/email and password. Tap (Help) at the bottom of the screen to read detailed instructions and to view a tutorial video.

Settings Screen (☸)
The first box should contain your email address, the second one your password. Here you change your current login info. Tap "save" to commit to the changes. Hit "cancel" if you don't want anything changed. Tap "Signout" to end your session and prevent third parties from seeing what apps you're creating. The email address you enter here shows up on the "App Made by" screen. So if you want people to contact you when they see one of your apps make sure the email address works if you want follow-up business. If you change your login credentials here make sure to remember them next time you open App.Cat Studio for Mac and PC.

Edit Screen:
This is where you'll edit your masterpieces. You'll enter as much or as little info as you like, change design, install test apps and deliver finished apps to friends and clients. Let's walk through each of the buttons and options starting from top.

Left Arrow (⬅)
Brings you back to the previous screen, the App overview, apps you've created.

Check or Tick (✔)
Publishes the app and updates it on every iPhone which has that app. It's not necessary to tap (✔) for every little edit during an editing session. You tap it when you're done editing the app and want to push/publish a perfect update to every iPhone user.
If you don't see the changes and updates inside your app you simply forgot to tap (✔) to publish the changes.

Installs the current app on your iPhone. It's usually done for testing the app's progress on your own iPhone before sending it to a client. One install is sufficient: When you make changes to the app and publish it (✔) it will update the installed app. So: It's not necessary to keep installing the app after every change or edit.
You can't install an app until you haven't given it a name (see below).

Jumps to all the editable parts of your app.

Opens your iPhone's email app and puts some default text into an email. It's used to quickly deliver the app to your client or a friend. It includes the app's "vanity URL" (for example: app.cat/acmechocolate) from which your client and his customers can download the app. The app's vanity URL is defined by the name and slogan you give it (described below). It also includes your email address (as defined in your settings) so your client can get in touch with you for changes.
Seen as this email is sent via you own iPhone email you can edit the entire text and also rest assured that your correspondence isn't saved on our server.
You can't deliver an app until you haven't given it a name (see below).

Pick from 60 pre-made design-templates. You can change the theme of an app whenever you want. After publishing the change (✔) your apps assume the new design on every iPhone that has your app.
You can view the designs in quickview (thin slices) or full screen. By default you see the thin slices for super fast design selection. Slide upwards to reveal even more designs.
Tapping "view large" (grey button on top) or the top right red button (↘) gives you a full screen preview of the designs available. Slide left to scroll through all the designs.
Tapping a design selects it for use in your app.

Change the background for the entire app. Use your camera or a picture you've taken previously. The opening animation still features the object from your original theme (see above). Watch our tutorial video for details.

Lets you chose what kind of navigation system your client's app will have: Modern or Classic. ON: Classic black iPhone navigation buttons at bottom. OFF: Dynamic flying app.cat buttons.

Enter the name and slogan of your app. Two lines.
Acme Chocolate
World Famous Candy
This will define your vanity URL (app.cat/acmechocolate) from where you app will be downloaded and will be fully animated inside the app.
It's not necessary to have 2 lines if you don't feel like using a slogan or tag line. Please be aware that if you change the name (first line) you will get a new vanity URL. Make sure to inform your client of that because he might still send his customer to a now outdated URL!

Enter a full address or just a city for interactive directions. Once you hit "save" app.cat generates a map with the info you just entered. If your address or city was valid you'll instantly see the map for verification purposes. If your address could not be interpreted by Google Maps (resulting in a grey or blue image instead of a map) then you'll have to refine your information.

Your main phone number for a big speed-dial button. You can add more numbers inside "about" and "news".
Depending on where you expect your client's customers to be or call from you may use any formatting you prefer (using or omitting international prefixes etc.). Depending on the menu style you selected (see "Menu" above) your speed dial button will be a fat red button in the middle of the screen (dynamic menu) or a prominent top bar (classic menu).

Often used to describe the client's business but totally open to whatever information you want to provide: Schedules, Dining menu, Program, Events, Song list, CV etc.
Here you can also add more phone numbers, email and web addresses. The app turns them into links.

Enter the full web address to your Facebook page. For example: http://www.facebook.com/acmechocolate
Do NOT enter passwords or login info for your or your client's Facebook account. This is simply to send the app's users to the client's Facebook wall when they tap "Visit me on Facebook". Nothing else.

Enter the full web address to your Twitter page. For example: http://www.twitter.com/acmechocolate
Do NOT enter passwords or login info for your or your client's Twitter account. This is simply to send the app's users to the client's Twitter page when they tap "Follow me on Twitter". Nothing else.

Enter the full web address to your Linkedin page. For example: http://www.linkedin.com/acmechocolate
Do NOT enter passwords or login info for your or your client's Twitter account. This is simply to send the app's users to the client's Linkedin page when they tap "View My Linkedin Profile". Nothing else.

Broadcast your TV channel or Ration Station live inside the app Enter the stream's full URL. For example: http://video.app.cat/kitty-movie.mov. Any iOS compatible file format works whether it's a live stream or a static media file. Make sure you have the right to use the file inside your app.

For newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. RSS feeds are perfect to syndicate up-to-the-minute news. If you don't have your own RSS feed you can pick on from the link inside this window if you have permission to use it inside your app. Putting the URL to an RSS feed there creates an instantly updated app and guarantees your client and his customers to keep visiting the app. If your client would rather add news manually (blog style) he can use the "News" function described below.

This will be the app button on people's screens. It also appears inside the app's startup animation.
By default our template's icon is there but you can change it. Pick an image from your existing photos (Add Icon) or take a picture with your camera (Make Icon). We provide an interactive cropping screen that allows you to adjust the photo to the exact size you want using pinch and zoom gestures. This is the perfect place for a client's corporate logo. It'll sit right on his customer's iPhone home screen. There's nothing wrong with taking a picture of your client's logo if you don't have the original file handy right now. You can also quickly google for an image on your iPhone, then long tap a photo you like to save it to your photo roll. That image can then be used via the "Add Icon" button. Make sure you have necessary permission to use photos and art for this app.
To change the icon back to the default icon that came with our template tap (x) on top left of the current icon.

App.Cat Studio for Mac and PC also allows you to add gloss to this button with one click. Shiny buttons is what's typical for iPhones and are guaranteed to be tapped more.

For your interactive photo gallery. Pick an image from your existing photos (Add Photo) or take a picture with your camera (Take Photo). Tap the "x" to delete a picture. The newest picture always show on top left. 9 images total are included to keep the app lean. You can add more pix for a larger photo gallery using App.Cat Studio for Mac and PC.

Add News
Enter and edit instant news or blog items. Web addresses and emails automatically turn into clickable links. You can add as many news items one by one as you like though we recommend deleting "old news" by tapping the red (x) so as to keep your app lean and snappy. Many retail businesses prefer using this kind of news over conventional blogs because it lends itself for impulse-specials.
COOL DETAIL: You don't need to hit "publish" (✔) after adding news. Hitting "save" is enough. This allows you to push news to your customers without forcing an app update. If they're connected to the Internet they'll instantly see the latest news. If they're not connected it'll show whatever they saw the last time.

Promote & Share your app
Will open an email that you can send to yourself or collaborators. It includes easy to follow instructions on how to make cool app download buttons for your site and for Facebook etc. These download buttons are also available on the app's Mini-Site so 3rd party visitors can help spread the news.

How to install the generated app?

Just tap the button in the blue bar the arrow points to. Watch a 10 second video on how to install the app.

How to install the generated app?

Watch a 10 second video on how to install the app.
1) Go to the app's vanity URL (app.cat/yourappname) on your iPhone or iPod touch. Use the iPhone web-browser (Safari) for this.
2) Follow the arrow that drops down (don't see that? Activate Javascript in iPhone's settings for Safari)
3) Tap the button the arrow points to.
Choose "Add to Home Screen" (This makes a button of your app on your iPhone)
Choose "Add"

If your client or his customer doesn't quite now how to do this you're safe: If he taps the wrong buttons, detailed instructions will pop up. If he still taps the wrong buttons a 10 second video clip shows him how to do it. You'll thank us later.

App not starting right?
Hit the help button on the loading screen for instant fix.
Also make sure, Javascript is turned on in iPhone-Settings, Safari

Updates not showing?
Make sure to hit Publish (✔) after any edits. This will update the app on everyone's iPhone who has the app.

App not working in airplane mode?
Settings, Safari, Clear Cache. Restart app. Requires updated iOS device.

Want to make and edit apps on your Mac and Windows PC?
Get App.Cat STUDIO. App.Cat Studio seamlessly talks to your App.Cat PRO and is fully cloud enabled. This way you can start an app at your office and finish it on the train with PRO. Or vice versa.

Can I put my app in iTunes?
No. Why on earth would you want that? We just gave you Mercedes and you ask for a faster horse. Hello? App.Cat is about giving you full control over your app's content, updatability, and share-ability. Those attributes aren't true for the app store. To make an app for the app store please become an official Apple Developer here..
We want your app to be live in 60 seconds, and shareable by SMS and that's why we made App.Cat.

More Help
Watch our free video tutorial for App.Cat PRO. It'll show you everything in action. Please contact us with any comments and questions. We answer every email and return every call.

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