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How do put cool arrows and symbols into the text?

anselmoanselmo Gawker Posts: 112
edited October 2012 in Design
I saw a very nice App ( and I was struck by the beauty of some arrows and hearts mixed with the text. Might be interesting and useful for everyone to know how to do it. Thanks


  • EricEdgeEricEdge Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 274
    edited October 2012
    Hi @anselmo, great question.

    I've just made a tutorial JUST FOR YOU and everyone else that is interested.

    Hope you think this is AWESOME! or INSIGHTFUL! lol
  • ImGoingAppsImGoingApps Lounge Lizzard Posts: 100
    Emoji is what I used @anselmo however make sure you check every device to make sure it's supported
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    @anselmo Thanks for starting this discussion. It's valuable on many more levels than just App.Cat apps. You'll find that the techniques we're discovering thanks to your question are applicable to many other platforms such as blogs, IM, and "closed" systems such as app store, where any and all HTML is stripped out from app descriptions and even the fat cats like Angry Birds or iBeer need to rely on this type of code to esthetically structure their pitch...
    Great idea!
  • ImGoingAppsImGoingApps Lounge Lizzard Posts: 100
    edited October 2012
    @anselmo hope you now know how to add those kool arrows , but let me tell you how they came to be on that app. This was one of my first apps and I was always thinking outside the box to find new ways to use app cats software with what I wanted it to do, I didn't submit a ticket to app cat I just tried several things, what I'm saying is there isn't a guide for making and selling apps since every client could be different. You have to believe in your abilities and push the limits by taking some chances, this requires time and patience, app cat's software is quick however if you go too fast you'll miss so many neat things just by not pushing the limits of technologly right along side of app cat. I'm glad I was able to show you something new, but wanted you to understand it took me hours before I got the understanding on how to find out which symbols were supported across every device your app can be seen on. As for the client I never heard a word from them since I presented myself as a professional this is the type of attention and service they expect. *-:)
  • anselmoanselmo Gawker Posts: 112
    @ericedge Thanks so much.....
  • EricEdgeEricEdge Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 274
    My pleasure @anselmo. Glad I can help!
  • SarahSkinnyGoldSarahSkinnyGold Cigarette Girl Posts: 99
    Nice question, there. The temptation to sprinkle these little suckers all over an app is tremendous... Must...Resist...
  • BenBen Bouncer Posts: 334
    Everything in moderation, people! Everything in moderation....
    Remember that old saying? Less is more!
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