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Improved Smart App Detector for your own Website

ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
edited October 2012 in Updates
Use your own domain as the go-to place for all your apps. Embedding the improved Smart App Detector Code on your normal old website will turn it into the magical download page you know from your vanity URL ( in that it totally recognizes which device is visiting.

It keeps looking like your old website if folks visit it on a computer. But if they visit on a smartphone it'll instantly turn into your mobile site or app for Android or iPhone.
If you hate sending people to you can now send them to your own domain and it acts the same way.

This feature is part of the following massive update..


  • EricEdgeEricEdge Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 274
    edited October 2012
    Hi @ToddGoldstein & @BenCrockyKepinski, something to consider:

    Had a challenge yesterday with a client. I embedding the improved Smart App Detector Code on their normal old website and thought it was brilliant. Not long after I received a very concerned and very upset call from the client FRUSTRATED he could NOT go to his website on his mobile device anymore. I had to remove the code quickly.

    After some thought, I HAVE A SOLUTION; On the magical download page, could the button named "Mobile website" be changed to "Internet mobile app" and underneath the 2 main buttons (Install our App & Mobile Website) when available have a HYPERLINK web address like ?

    That way EVERYONE WINS!!!
  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    Just a thought @EricEdge, we have been thinking about this for some time and 1 solution is to get your client to create a new page advertising their app and add the code to that page, this way they still use their own URL but it doesn't get in the way of the rest of the site.

    I bet you think this is awesome :-)
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    @EricEdge. I give up.

    Why did your client want to see his utterly huge and unreadable website on his mobile device?

    Why could you not explain to him that everyone still sees his ugly huge site when they visit on a big computer?

    Why doesn't he understand that the Smart App Detector alone is worth thousands by making sure mobile visitors get to see an awesome mobile site OR download a fantastic app?

    Why is this so difficult for people to understand????
    Why does nobody appreciate the utter genius of this synergy????
    Why do people insist to have multiple platforms and confuse the f*** out of the most important asset they have; their customers?

    I think I have a better solution.
    We'll start charging a fee for the Smart App Detector.
  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    @ToddGoldstein I have to agree I think this feature is awesome but unfortunately we are not business managers for our clients and although we tell them the pros of having it, the customer will always be right even if we think they are wrong.

    P.S Charging wont remove the problem
  • EricEdgeEricEdge Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 274
    @ToddGoldstein, you make me laugh. Of course I understand and I did mention all the advantages.

    Client ONE: Said he needed to go to his ugly website to listen to audio messages they listed.

    Client TWO: Has a car rental business with an online quoting system that only works through their ugly website.

    AFTER further thought, this discussion is futile. I'd like to apologise and surrender. There is NO possible way of achieving what I've asked for. Because the code and link to the website would create a LOOPING effect.

    Sorry for wasting your time. I meant well.

    P.S. What seems to be a good idea can often end up embarrassing. My intention was good. lol
  • ImGoingAppsImGoingApps Lounge Lizzard Posts: 100
    I love the feature and have a plan on how to use it, I'm in it to win it ! See Example . I'm doing this as a tester for 30 days so I can have the proper feedback to approach my clients.
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    @ImGoingApps: Yesssss: is perfect.
    Open it on your computer: Tadaaa, big website
    Open it on any smartphone: Wow, slick mobile site...Oh, and they even have an app....

    It's really impressive to consumers. Because it's invisible. They don't have to do anything. It just brings up the perfect solution no matter what device they use.

    I cannot possibly be the only person slightly dreading following a link on my iPhone: I am scared it's going to be a huge ugly site and I won't find what I am looking for.
    When I then instead get a tasty mobile site AND the option to even install an app I am extremely impressed.

    @EricEdge Yes, I didn't even want to address the "infinite loop" but there IS an option we could think about: Speed-Splitter could show 3 buttons:

    a) install app (installs app)
    b) mobile site (shows world's coolest animated mobile site)
    c) desktop site (goes to any page on client's site where there's NO smart app detector)

    I dislike it for various reasons: It removes the elegance of "it just works" by introducing yet one more option, very possibly confusing the end consumer, thus reflecting badly on your brand. It also introduces the danger of getting looped back to the Splitter when they navigate around the desktop site and hit "home"...

    That last issue COULD be circumvented by altering our Smart App Detector in a way that would place a cookie on the visitor's device at the moment he gets to the desktop page, telling it that this user prefers not to be bothered by the mobile options.
    When he then navigates to index our script would check for this cookie and either trigger the mobile splitter or not.

    This is one of those classic conundrums where WE (designers, coders, inventors) have to be strict by sticking to the mantra of "dignity by design" and putting "end-consumer first". While above option might help YOU sell better to clients you'd ultimately punish his followers and customers. I'll go "pregnant" with the idea and will introduce something when I feel it'll be brilliant for consumers, agents, and brands equally.
  • EricEdgeEricEdge Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 274
    Thank you @ToddGoldstein. For me, it comes down to the App seller needing to be discerning whether the Speed-Splitter should or shouldn't be part of the clients solution.

    I do love the Speed-Splitter and will introduce it wherever possible. Those that should not have it like the examples above will have to opt for a download button for the App on their site. It really is that simple.

    We learn as we are faced with real life examples and that's one of the main reasons I enjoy this business. We're all ever-improving each other and the App.Cat product.

    Have a great day team!
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