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Massive New Updates with Tons of Cool Stuff

ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
edited October 2012 in Updates
We just started to push exciting free updates into every App.Cat app in the wild.
No action on your part is required. The changes appear when you open your app next time.

We're also pushing those changes into your App.Cat Desktop Software so that each new app you make from now on has those improvements included. No action required on your part either.
You'll see the changes earlier or later depending of your international location.


Real Names for your Android App .APK
Instantly generated Android apps now carry the real name of the app (primospizza.apk). This makes it easier for your customers to find the file if they downloaded it or forwarded it. It also instills more trust and looks cleaner when/if you put it in Google Play Store. Big thanks to the guys from Droidswami.

Outdated Devices now elegantly accepted
Folks visiting your app or mobile site from an outdated device or OS are now not made aware of the fact that they're behind times with a popup message to tell them to go update. Our stats showed a minimal amount of people still using early iOS versions so we dumped that message because it was also accidentally triggered by badly programmed 3rd party apps such as Facebook and QR-Code Scanners. See below.

Refined Smart App Detection for 3rd party apps like Browsers apps, Facebook app, QR code scanner apps
People visiting your vanity URL ( sometimes do this while stuck inside another app. Facebook for instance. With the introduction of our Speed Splitter, which makes your mobile site look like your real app, we found that most 3rd party apps send confusing info about their identity. This would trigger our warning message "Your device is outdated". It was confusing to say the least. You and we got blamed for other people's shoddy coding.
Other crappy programming by Facebook for instance would define the iPad as an iPhone in their IDs. As a result our Smart App Detector would deliver your iPhone app, not the iPad app.
And some apps would even save that fake ID on your iOS device, which would confuse the actual Safari Browser, which would then also pop up the "outdated" message.
Long story short: We cleaned up other people's mess so you, we, your clients look great and their customers will love you...

Punchier Default Menu
Improved depth of black on all default menu bars unless you've colorized them with our new Style Manager. It's now punchier and more authoritative. So if you haven't styled your menus, but selected one of our bar-menus, it'll be tight and tasty. For past apps and future apps.

Blob Menu Scoot
Some devices with apps running the flying blob menu (the cool flying circles) saw a slight "scoot up" after the introduction of the Speed Splitter.
It made things look a bit too tight on top of the screen. Barely noticeable but highly painful for OCD Todd and Ben.
That's fixed now.

Nicer Share- Social- and Contact icons
We've licensed a set of very clean, clear, and crisp icons for your Share- and Contact icons to match the tightness of the new icons that are now on your menu bars. You look a lot more professional now.

Intuitive separation of Share from Contact
We finally separated "Share this app" from "Contact us". The long list of buttons was confusing for consumers. It's now easier for them to share your app with friends or to Social Networks.
By moving your Contact-Buttons to the actual "Contact-Tab", where your map and address sits, we've made it easier for consumers to reach you.

Customizable "Share this app" words on Share-Buttons
Our international clients reported the same thing that we see here at the Barcelona office: It makes no sense for a button to say "Share this app by Facebook" if English isn't your first language. And "Share" isn't as easily interpretable as for instance the word "Contact" due to its different Indogermanic roots.
Starting today your share-buttons take on the word that you use on your navigation menu. So if you have the word "Share" on your menu bar it'll say "Share App - Facebook". If you have the word "Compartir" on your navigation bar it'll say "Compartir App - Facebook". Your users will love it. It makes sense, concise, far more intuitive, and triggers impulse sharing of your app.

Improved Smart App Detector for your own Website
Use your own domain as the go-to place for all your apps. Embedding the improved Smart App Detector Code on your normal old website will turn it into the magical download page you know from your vanity URL ( in that it totally recognizes which device is visiting.
It keeps looking like your old website if folks visit it on a computer. But if they visit on a smartphone it'll instantly turn into your mobile site or app.
If you hate sending people to you can now send them to your own domain and it acts the same way.

Thanks for your help in finding some of those buggers and letting us know how we could improve App.Cat.

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I'll post each update item as a separate discussion so we can stay on topic and learn productively.
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