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Lifetime supply of Gin? Why unlimited apps for ONE price scares the heck out of our competition.

App "Kitty" CatApp "Kitty" Cat Bouncer Posts: 1
edited September 2012 in Sell
Test your math skills by comparing competing services and getting caught in their monthly schemes and tricky math. App.Cat offers UNLIMITED APPS at a ONE TIME FEE and boy, do those other guys hate it...


  • ImGoingAppsImGoingApps Lounge Lizzard Posts: 100
    Question since it's so much in app cat software for the price how many purchase extra when building your app? :-/
  • EricEdgeEricEdge Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 274
    Great question @ImGoingApps. I do purchase most of the Add-ons for my clients. I want them to RAVE about it to there friends and family. Cheers, @edge
  • SarahSkinnyGoldSarahSkinnyGold Cigarette Girl Posts: 99
    I like adding "reservation form" and "professional website" most of the time.
  • MichelleCraigMichelleCraig Lounge Lizzard Posts: 101
    Same here, "Skinny". And the Custom Menu. I think every app should have the Custom Menu option on it.
  • joemadden1941joemadden1941 Lounge Lizzard Posts: 110
    I like to offer a basic no frills app and charge as extras my costs plus profit, for the added features. This way I can determine how interested the client is and not loose money hoping they will buy the app after I have purchased the extra features. I am not donating features if the client is not a serious buyer.
  • ImGoingAppsImGoingApps Lounge Lizzard Posts: 100
    People please buy the apps loaded invest invest invest! If you show the best app you can for a fair price. Curious @joe how much can I buy one of your apps?
  • MichelleCraigMichelleCraig Lounge Lizzard Posts: 101
    @joe Do you have a fully-loaded demo app that you show first?
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    "Fully loaded" in our opinion is every app made with App.Cat because you do NOT need add-ons for a great app.
    "Pimped" we call an app that's armed to the teeth with extra stuff.

    The reason every app is gorgeous and fully functional is because we want to support all levels of budget. App.Cat thrives on the fact that ALL apps it "spits out" are great looking, operate fantastically, and can be used and shared with extreme ease, keeping in mind that the end user is NOT a techy.

    Whether you demo and sell a pimped or standard app is up to you and your client. Some of our successful sellers purposely don't demo a pimped app because they know that the prospect might say "Yeah, but it would be great if it had...", which allows them to say "Of course, I can program that up for you. Give me a day...".
  • ImGoingAppsImGoingApps Lounge Lizzard Posts: 100
    @todd Id rather show what the app can do by showing another successful app Ive made if they don't buy I just pushed my marketing app one more time !
  • SarahSkinnyGoldSarahSkinnyGold Cigarette Girl Posts: 99
    I like the approach of letting the customer "have an idea" @ToddGoldstein. Keeping a few tricks and features up your sleeve and then making them come true sure will impress a client.
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