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A guide to Androids

anselmoanselmo Gawker Posts: 112
edited October 2012 in Promote
I think it's really useful to have a guide for installing the app on an android phone. I'm trying to send my app on a Samsung s2 and follow the instructions on the screen but I cannot figure out how to install the icon. On the Iphone the icon installation is automatic while on the android phone does not. It would be nice to have an "Android" step by step guide that explains how to make the installation process


  • joemadden1941joemadden1941 Lounge Lizzard Posts: 110
    I send a test app to my daughter-in-law who has a Android. It won't accept it until she goes into settings and changes something and then it loads like a webpage, but no icon.
    I would also like to see some instructions for sending to an Android, as more and more people I approach to make an app for have Androids
  • anselmoanselmo Gawker Posts: 112
    edited October 2012
    The market in Italy is 74% androids 26% iOS. I really need this guide.
  • BenBen Bouncer Posts: 334
    Make sure you re-publish your app, we are updating the whole Android installation experience on a daily basis.

    As Joe mentioned, you do need to have the option to install apps turned on.
    Not all Android phones support this, only some.... you might find that most carrier branded phones might prevent you from installing an app outside of their own stores.

    The only way to get 'round this is to submit the APK to their store. That way it becomes "trusted" by the phone.

    Just remember: there are literally billions of Android stores out there.... so you will have your work cut out for you.

    This is the exact reason we worked on getting the "mobile" version of the app looking and behaving exactly like it would if it were to be installed.
    People can then "bookmark" it and add that bookmark to their homescreen.
  • anselmoanselmo Gawker Posts: 112
    I have submited my "aibes" app to play store and if you install it from that point it works and automatically install the icon in the home page. When I send the app by sms or by qr code at the same device I can't figure out how to do and it runs the app but no icon appears in the home page.
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    Luckily when a consumer downloads your app on an Android it'll also tell him/her quickly about the ins and outs of GooglePlay vs. "Side Loading". It's really helpful and in line with our "consumer first"-mantra.
  • SarahSkinnyGoldSarahSkinnyGold Cigarette Girl Posts: 99
    Ever since the introduction of the Speed Splitter I've had extremely happy Android users because they can choose to download the app or live-preview it. Excellent.
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