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Celebrity Ads - Full Screen Glory when your app starts...

ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
edited November 2016 in Updates

Making a first impression just got more spectacular!
Instead of your start screen or loading flash you'll now dazzle your app visitor with a magnificent message that's unique to his device.

What does it do?
Show full screen ads and glory posters when the app starts. Before anything else.
Present different ads depending on iOS device to optimize revenue.

Target specific demographics
As you can see in my above illustration, our imaginary hair salon offers specific discounts depending on which device her clients use...


This is what happens
Clients tap your app's button on their device
Instantly the Celebrity Ad zooms into view
Then the Background becomes visible
Now the animated object tumbles onto the screen
Lastly the company name and logo slide in
Very impressive! Highly visual!

What can you use this for?
Sell sponsorship to an app for a week, a year, or forever
Sell ads to labels for only iPad or iPhone 5 visitors
Greet app visitors with "welcome to my iPad app" only if they're on iPad
Target specific clients by providing ads depending on device
Sell more apps because your clients can now finance it with ads
Heavily brand your app even for multiple locations and staff members
Display specials or coupons without messing up the photo gallery
Instantly show a QR code when the app opens for super-quick scan-sharing
Show your best smile to make your app really personal
Classy-up your background image by toning it down, making your app more legible
Proudly show your best selling product to make a bold statement
Impress with the brand you're distributing because "Goodyear" looks trustworthier than "Joe's Tires"

Why is this so brilliant?
Aside from the fact that you'll make more money it also makes your app look intensely fast. No waiting. The celebrity ad jumps at you BEFORE anything else happens. It allows you to co-brand with internationally trusted labels, lending your business instant credibility. A first impression this magnificent is priceless!

How do I put it in my app?
Visit the App.Cat Community Market from within the software.
Celebrity Ad is at the bottom under "Premium Plugins". Switch it ON.

As announced previously we’re introducing premium hosting on November 1st when our whitelabel domain beta ends. It’ll be super cheap but there will always be a free option on Adjust your strategies accordingly.
We’re also working on an exciting new feature that allows your app-clients to edit their app without bothering you. Stay tuned!


  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    edited June 2016
    This is Awesome, great job gang. I seen you put iOS devices, does this work on Android devices if that feature is turned on??

    1 other thing, where has the Push Notification feature gone from the app software?
  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    edited June 2016
    Hi @Toddgoldstein @Ben

    I went ahead and purchased this feature for one of my apps to test it.
    It looks fantastic but I am not sure why it's not yet appearing on my iPad...
    I know this is a new feature and im sure this is just one of them things but any help would be awesome.

  • AlainAlain Lounge Lizzard Posts: 111
    @ToddGoldstein, WOW! What a new feature. Last night I was closing a deal with a customer and he ask me if we can put a full screen image just before the app start to sell advertising space? My answer was: This is a great idea! But not at this time. Maybe we can work this in the future. Friends app.catter, the future is now!

    BTW I love the new menu interface more flat design! Bravo! You deserve two
    @MrApp you are right, I can't find the push message.
  • AlainAlain Lounge Lizzard Posts: 111
    @ToddGoldstein, you always push more with not one image but die rent images for different devices. I didn't thing about it. You done it again! It is not two but three awsome! :-bd
  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    Hi @Alain I am very happy they brought this feature in, another AMAZING feature to help sell apps.
  • AlainAlain Lounge Lizzard Posts: 111
    Hi @MrApp I am very confident that we will always have new things to make more sales to our existing customer base. It help make new sales with new customer but mainly to sell add on. In this particular case it help our customer to make money with their app so it help them cover the cost of the app. And ultimately if they make money, with more sales and with in app advertising they will continue with us.
  • BenBen Bouncer Posts: 334
    @MrApp - try your app now. There were a few small bugs that fell through the cracks and it was the wonderful (and understanding!) people on this forum that helped us find and squash them!

    If you are still having problems - try re-installing the app and let me know if it works then.
  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    edited June 2016
    Hi @Ben

    Thanks for looking at that, I reinstalled both the iPhone and iPad version of the app and it works on both.

    If I had 1 suggestion for this feature I would like the new 'celebrity ads' to stay on the screen longer than it currently is, at the minute it is on the screen no longer than a second for both devices which doesn't give the user much time to see anything.

    I'm not sure about the other app cats but I believe 5 seconds would be enough time for us to get the message across to our app users.

  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    You're a superstar @toddgoldstein

    I think this feature is epic and once fine tuned this will work wonders for us all, I love the fact you can create different adds for each device. I remember asking for something similar with the splash screen so this is just what I wanted. I might of got a little carried away with 5 seconds but I do believe it should sit on the screen a little longer than it currently does, but I'm sure you will work on this. I would like to see what other app caters think that have this feature installed.

    Looking forward to the updates you make, keep up the great work.
  • AlainAlain Lounge Lizzard Posts: 111
    @ToddGoldstein and @Ben, Since yesterday When I open my app I saw for 1 or 2 seconds an image that I don't want and my Gravity ads doesn't show anymore.
    I try to clear the cache, re-install the app, Change the splash screen, try on another device. Yesterday when I was demoing the app it was annoying! it is just on iPhone it is ok on android. Can you check it?
  • BenBen Bouncer Posts: 334
    Alain, all you need to do is "reset" your background for App.Cat to catch up.
    1) If you have a custom background - just upload it again
    2) If you are using one of our backgrounds - just apply it again

    I believe you were #2, and I've already gone ahead and applied the background (keyboard) to your app. Thus: your loading screen is all fine!

    It may take two loads to "stick". Let me know how you get on...
  • AlainAlain Lounge Lizzard Posts: 111
    Thank you @Ben, Everything is fine now. Even the gravity-ad is back to normal.

  • MoniqueCloutierMoniqueCloutier Lounge Lizzard Posts: 9
    I vote for a 2 second image screen to populate first rather than too quick to read a thing. I do like the idea of the return feature too. I love the idea of being able to show an image straight away so people feel your app loaded super fast and can mention that when they are referring people to your app because we all know people hate to wait. The image can certainly be obvious ads but they can also just be another brand impression into the minds of your users and subscribers of your logo or picture or key catchphrase or picture of Subscriber/Member of the Week with a an option to click to be considered for next week's feature. I mean giving top billing to a real member of your community in your prime real estate to have them want and have an honest shot at being featured in your/their app that they can tell their friend's that week about that they actually were chosen and suggest that their friend give it a try. @MoniqueCloutier
  • perfectpperfectp Lounge Lizzard Posts: 87
    Anyone got an app with this as an example???
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    edited July 2016
    Here's the one I used for the art above:
    It's an instant app, hence looks exactly what it does when you make it in 60 seconds with our stylist template. So: Don't look for smart content...

    Open it on a bunch of different devices to see the full effect.

    We're seeing "Celebrity Ad" used a lot by stylists who love to co-brand with large names. It's also very successful with clients from the automotive industry.
    If you want an ad that stays visible longer, then get our "Tilt Ad".
  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    edited June 2016
    Hi @ToddGoldstein

    Ive just opened the app you mentioned above and I have to say your celebrity ad stays on the screen much longer than mine :-( what am I doing wrong mate
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    It's different for every device and every app. The ad stays up for a period calculated on compression and app loading procedure, however it shouldn't be a noticeably large difference. You may just be over-focussing on it.
    Remember: This is a quick "branding flash", kind of like "20th Century Fox Presents", not the entire movie trailer...
  • scfreelyscfreely Lounge Lizzard Posts: 36
    Hi, with regards to the app, I noted that he did put a login link in his app, is it some kind of client's login page? any advice
  • scfreelyscfreely Lounge Lizzard Posts: 36
    Some of my clients are requesting for a login password, so that they can edit /upload the image any time they want, does Appcat provide this function?
  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    Hi @scfreely

    At this stage the answer to that is no, but im not sure if the app team have any future plans to add this feature.

    To get more answers it might be best creating a new post so people see it as this post is for the new release of one of the features.
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    edited November 2016
    @scfreely When you make an app in 60 seconds we fill it with default stuff like pix and text and maps so you get an idea of what it feels like. It helps you refine and edit it.

    Part of that default content is the "about" text. Apps created after March have a default line in there that says "Edit this text on".

    It helps people who JUST started with App.Cat realize that everything is editable from an easy to remember web location ( so you can even work in a hotel lobby or internet cafe if you don't have your computer with you.

    When you go to it asks for your App.Cat User Name and Password. After you input that you'll enter our cloud software. It looks and acts exactly like the software you installed on PC or Mac.

    The first thing people usually edit is that "about" text, in the process removing that hint-link. Makes sense. Seeing as the Loreal app was never properly edited (as I mentioned above) it still has that link there.

    There are multiple discussions inside the request area that deal with admin-areas for clients. My position is: Don't throw an app at someone, then run. They DON'T want logins, they want a trusted app specialist (you) whom they'll pay handsomely to maintain their app. But if you would have read my initial post correctly you'd have seen that we in fact ARE working on something like that. Just better than you'd ever imagine...

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