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Google Play Success Stories

ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
I am getting a lot of requests for more info on how easy it is to make an app for the Google Play Store because App.Cat can make an .apk that works perfectly for the former Android Market, the current Google Play and Amazon Appstore.
Share your links and stories here.


  • Terry TrainerTerry Trainer Lounge Lizzard Posts: 198
    Great stuff @Wicked, and very explicit, even I should be able to follow it :)
  • BenBen Bouncer Posts: 334
    Looks awesome, @wicked (and sorry for hitting the "disagree" button by accident, oops!).
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    Great instructions, @Wicked.
    I see you've put quite a few App.Cat apps onto Google Play:

    How's your experience with Amazon Appstore? Just as stellar?
  • scfreelyscfreely Lounge Lizzard Posts: 36
    Hi @Wicked, I checked your Apps and your website, one thing interest me is that you have promoted a GPS Coupon Tab. Appreciate if you can enlighten us on this. I think it is important for the F&B industry. :)
  • MichelleCraigMichelleCraig Lounge Lizzard Posts: 101
    Hello @Wicked and @scfreely
    I am just curious, and hope that you can enlighten me.
    Why Google Play (or iTunes App Store for that matter) for placing your apps?
    I have seen others talking about this and just really don't understand the bother of it all. Is it not easier to just point at a QR Code, or download from a link that was sent?
    Wouldn't you have to promote the fact that the app is in Google Play anyway?
    To me, it would be as if I took my business' brochure to a publishing company. Had it bound as a hardcover book; and then hope that somebody finds it in a bookstore and gets it. Not to mention all of the promoting I would have to do to let people know it was there!
    During all of that time, I could have been handing out the brochure to a thousand people!
    There is no offense intended, please. I am just trying to understand the fascination with having apps in the two markets.
    Thanks! ;)
  • JimandKellyJimandKelly Lounge Lizzard Posts: 32
    @MichelleCraig, In my situation, I have a group of "us" that own and self manage several rental condo units at a ski resort called Snowshoe Mountain. The resort itself does not have any "mobile presence". By simply using a few key words, we were able garner mobile attention to "our rentals" VS the very large and dominant rental agencies that service our area including the resort's agency.

    The resort itself is within a 5 hour drive of 75 million people.

    For a mere $25 fee, our app is the first listing one would see if they search for "Snowshoe Mountain" on Google Play.

    I'm not saying that this works for everyone or all businesses, but there are certain markets / segments that keyword naming rights can be very valuable.

    As things stand right now, no one can name their app "Snowshoe Mountain" b/c we have already listed it.

    I've made sure that we not infringing on any trademarks or copyrights. Our listing on G Play clearly states what our app portrays.

    Everyone on the lounge services various client bases and industries but sometimes the most lucrative ones are the ones you see in the mirror each day :)

  • maria44maria44 Lounge Lizzard Posts: 11
    edited September 2016
    @wicked "Bella Mare" doesn't mean Beautiful sea. PS: I'm Italian ;)
  • ApsproApspro Lounge Lizzard Posts: 26
    I tried to publish my App to Google Play, I couldn't PUBLISH because:

    You need to complete the points below before you can publish your application.

    You need to acknowledge that this application meets the Content Guidelines.
    You need to acknowledge that this application complies with US export laws.

    Can anybody tell me how to fix these problems? Thanks a lot!

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