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I Built A Full Featured App Store!!! Signup Today!!!

DanteleachDanteleach Lounge Lizzard Posts: 22
edited February 2016 in Promote
Hey Guys, i know i haven't been that active in these forums but i have been working hard on my business structure. I was asked by a few businesses if my apps could be downloaded from the App Store. Then trying to make them understand that NOT being in an app store is far more beneficial to their brand... I finally got the nerve to built an "Intelligent" App Store. I built in all kinds of features and i can also add billing if i were to sell curtain apps that held valuable info. Thing is now i finally finished it and the business partners i dealt with from a while back are ready to get started. If anyone else had this problem a lot and you are looking for a solution feel free to contact me. Since i put all my effort into building it i would of course love to be compensated for my help. I would be willing to host your app on my App Store for redacted. I think this would be a great tool for our tight knit community. Plus if everyone places the App Stores address at the very bottom of all their apps it would cause a descent amount of traffic to flow. If you believe it is a great idea and you want to join in and possibly make your buyers happier which in turn gets you new buyers then email me. redacted after you message me then we will get your app posted and billing in order. For those who are skeptical check it out: will be changing host name soon!!!

This post has been redacted due to its promotional character.


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