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Introducing Gravity Ads - Specials and coupons that call you...

ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695

Add a promotional message, ad, or coupon that appears when the iPhone is turned sideways. It's clickable and goes wherever you want it to go. It can even call a phone number! Brilliant.


You also get an extra promo-button for people who don't know about tilting the phone. This guarantees that people will find and trigger your ad. By default it says "Special Offer" but you can change those words to anything you want.


It's easy to make. You'll find it inside "Pimp my app" in your App.Cat Studio for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android.



  • TimmyTimmy Lounge Lizzard Posts: 11
    Wish the price was a little lower!
  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    @Timmy I believe you're looking at this feature all wrong, although its an amazing feature it was put in place to remove the 'app built by' link. If this feature is added to an app you will lose the other amazing feature that advertisers your business, so adding this feature you're watering down your business brand. This feature in my eyes should be over priced to justify removing the 'built by' link, I will be selling this feature for around £100/150

    I hope this has helped :-)
  • BenBen Bouncer Posts: 334
    Keep in mind, this feature can do ANYTHING. Promote YOUR app making business, or be used as anything for the app owner. It's probably the most open ended plugin we've ever had offered to us. I hate to use this line, but it really is "only limited by your imagination".
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    Look closely at the fake ad I put in the illustration: It actually suggests you using this feature not just as an ad and a coupon but also as a way to promote your app making business.

  • Terry TrainerTerry Trainer Lounge Lizzard Posts: 198
    Yes Great new facility.
    @Timmy I admit i was worried by the $50 but now that I have had time to look at it it has great potential, and I reckon @MrApp & @Ben is right.
    @Ben I can see that you wanted to use it in the portrait mode too, but if the label said TURN YOUR PHONE SIDEWAYS, that could have given us a full scrolling screen, maybe some people could have used that for things like menus..........
    Anyway thanks for another stunning addition.
  • WickedWicked Lounge Lizzard Posts: 160
    I think this is great. Guys that are worried about price, You should not be. There are other app maker programs out there you know, but you never own them as such. To use other facilities you pay rental each month and then after so many apps are made the price increases.
    Price is not really a problem if your charging correctly in the first place. And charge the monthly fee to clients as well as a set up fee, then your covered. Just for the record, others may offer the app store, but even this you have to pay development costs too. Do what someone else offered and make your own app store on your website if this is also a problem and promote this through using this add on all of your apps too. I can see this added feature being a marvelous tool for everyone including the app maker being YOU.
    There is many uses for this Gravity add. I give my thanks to App Cat for their time and effort in adding this and hope that more things keep on coming. Well Done Guys.

  • TWTTWT Lounge Lizzard Posts: 29
    Yes great new facility and have been asking for this to happen.
    I admit am worried by the $50 as I have set pricing for add ons and have base it on all the other add ons that are around the $25 or less mark. Yes it has great potential but costings are very hard at the moment in Australia to get business people to outlay anymore money
  • FundesignFundesign Lounge Lizzard Posts: 6
    Awesome! Is it possible for you to create a video to show the display to us. That way we can get better idea of how it works. Thanks.
  • TimmyTimmy Lounge Lizzard Posts: 11
    After rethinking about this,yes it is a great bargin!
    Thanks cats!
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    @Fundesign Just look at It has the gravity ad. Tilt your iPhone or go to "Primo" and click "Special Offer".
  • FundesignFundesign Lounge Lizzard Posts: 6
    edited March 2016
    @ Toddgoldstein Awesome!! Thank you so much.
  • DanteleachDanteleach Lounge Lizzard Posts: 22
    Question: Does this show blurry like the gallery photos on an iPhone or does it show clear like apps icon on an iPhone? We currently have an overwhelming amount of iPhone users where i live so the gallery is kind of a turn off, but i think this is a great feature as long as it is sharp and not blurry!!! Thanks a million
  • MrAppMrApp Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 309
    Hi @Danteleach

    The answer all depends on you, the images are as sharpe as the resolution. May I ask what size resolution you are uploading the images ????
  • DanteleachDanteleach Lounge Lizzard Posts: 22
    I haven't tried the gravity-ads but as far as image quality for the gallery i use a 14MP Sony Camera and i edit them in Adobe Photoshop and i Instagram crop them so the gallery doesn't add the bars. Like i said my icon always look clear but the gallery i always blurry and the background as well. Keep in mind i'm using a Retina Display iPhone 5 so that may be the problem!!! Thanks a billion
  • joemadden1941joemadden1941 Lounge Lizzard Posts: 110
    I use the Iphone camera exclusively to make the photo section of my apps. it is always in my pocket and my Iphone 4s can edit the photo and install it on my app in seconds, always with great results.
  • transapptransapp Lounge Lizzard Posts: 26
    Folks, I make some apps for other customers through a third party and I do not wish to link back to my app making business. Not on all my apps just the ones through the third party.
    Is there any way of showing nothing at all when the phone is turned around.
    The $50 is expensive when you just dont want to show anything on some apps.
    Suggestions are welcome.
  • ToddGoldsteinToddGoldstein Bouncer, Bar Keep Posts: 695
    Pass the cost on to your client and sell it to him as an interactive ad. He'll love you for it.
  • Russell RhoadesRussell Rhoades Lounge Lizzard Posts: 19
    I Love the Gravity Add & Think it's worth every penny
    Ya'll keep it up.
  • EricEdgeEricEdge Lounge Lizzard Supreme Posts: 274
    edited April 2016
    Sorry, made a mistake.
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