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Best Of

Re: Double your sales with the new Instant App

I sent emails to all my clients with a link to my seller page. Then I called them. I must say, the videos do all the selling. Most don't even watch the tutorial. The skeptical ones do, but because it's really an infomercial it ends up converting them, as well.

1) The clients who bought an app from me at a flat rate, bought the plugin at 100% markup.

2) The ones who are on a monthly plan with me, agreed to $20/m more as an access fee. But I added a setup-fee of $60. I have app.cat discount money so that's what IA costs me.

3) A few cheapskates from the early days who didn't want reservation forms etc. finally ended up wanting all that. And the push packages. Because they saw it in the videos and kinda played with it in the editor. To those guys I sold instant app below cost because I just KNEW they'd buy more other things and I was right.

When I get an email from the form on my seller page I look for the green button and click it because I KNOW I can sell it because my client took the time to fill out the form and because I have 3 ways to monetize (see above). Then I call him with the password. Sometimes I just email it to them. They're super impressed by the speed and gesture.

If I don't see a green button in the email it's usually someone who doesn't have an app with me. Or he wants one. And that's where I have suggestions...

I get tons of email from complete strangers via my client's apps. Some want an app made because they love the videos and simplicity and so that helps. I'd love to be able to sell an app on the seller page. Like I do on appcertificate, the ecommerce thing. That would be great.

But I also got emails from people with orphaned apps. They couldn't reach their original app maker. They really wanted to change their app but couldn't. They were ready to pay whatever I asked to give them Instant App but I couldn't. Because I can only put the plugin into "my own" apps. I felt sorry for them.

If there was a way to sell that plugin to a lost soul while he waits for the original app maker to get back to him that would create so many more happy app owners. You know, kind of "adopting" an orphaned app so you can add a plugin to someone else's app. Or become a "foster parent" for a short while to help app owners?

Hope this helps!!!

Filter Screen

Guys I love the new software updates, AMAZING. I'm sure @toddgoldstein and @ben must be mind readers, I was going to ask for a similar feature but you beat me to it.

For people who don't know what I'm talking about, open your app software and filter for one of your apps. This will be great after I secure that big contract for 120 apps, thank you for making my life much easier.


¡Hola! App.Cat está disponible en español


We're proud to announce that App.Cat is now available in Spanish. Not just the sales-website. That's a cheap trick competitors use. Nope: The whole software now speaks Spanish.

You can easily switch between idioms with our new language picker to facilitate collaboration in a multilingual team.

We'll officially announce this feature next week so feel free to give it a spin and let us know how you like it.

App maker car design

@perfectp uses a catchy car to go visit clients. An app-mobile of sorts. I think it deserves its own discussion...

Same images on Dropbox...

Celebrity Ads - Full Screen Glory when your app starts...


Making a first impression just got more spectacular!
Instead of your start screen or loading flash you'll now dazzle your app visitor with a magnificent message that's unique to his device.

What does it do?
Show full screen ads and glory posters when the app starts. Before anything else.
Present different ads depending on iOS device to optimize revenue.

Target specific demographics
As you can see in my above illustration, our imaginary hair salon offers specific discounts depending on which device her clients use...


This is what happens
Clients tap your app's button on their device
Instantly the Celebrity Ad zooms into view
Then the Background becomes visible
Now the animated object tumbles onto the screen
Lastly the company name and logo slide in
Very impressive! Highly visual!

What can you use this for?
Sell sponsorship to an app for a week, a year, or forever
Sell ads to labels for only iPad or iPhone 5 visitors
Greet app visitors with "welcome to my iPad app" only if they're on iPad
Target specific clients by providing ads depending on device
Sell more apps because your clients can now finance it with ads
Heavily brand your app even for multiple locations and staff members
Display specials or coupons without messing up the photo gallery
Instantly show a QR code when the app opens for super-quick scan-sharing
Show your best smile to make your app really personal
Classy-up your background image by toning it down, making your app more legible
Proudly show your best selling product to make a bold statement
Impress with the brand you're distributing because "Goodyear" looks trustworthier than "Joe's Tires"

Why is this so brilliant?
Aside from the fact that you'll make more money it also makes your app look intensely fast. No waiting. The celebrity ad jumps at you BEFORE anything else happens. It allows you to co-brand with internationally trusted labels, lending your business instant credibility. A first impression this magnificent is priceless!

How do I put it in my app?
Visit the App.Cat Community Market from within the software.
Celebrity Ad is at the bottom under "Premium Plugins". Switch it ON.

As announced previously we’re introducing premium hosting on November 1st when our whitelabel domain beta ends. It’ll be super cheap but there will always be a free option on freeappcat.com. Adjust your strategies accordingly.
We’re also working on an exciting new feature that allows your app-clients to edit their app without bothering you. Stay tuned!

Re: "Leasing" Apps vs Selling Apps

Everything in your app is included. If you want to add stuff (because a client wants an extra feature) you can buy it for a one time fee. None of the plugins are required to create gorgeous apps.

This keeps you on budget, allows even the most cash-strapped folks to start a biz, and lets you grow responsibly without upfront cost.

All our features and prices are listed here, which again, makes us unique when it comes to honesty: No hidden fees, even hosting on freeappcat.com. This help article about hosting describes it well.

Re: Shortcuts: The improved speed-editor

No more guessing. Just poke the part of your app you want to change.
Our photorealistic app-preview takes care of the rest.

Works great when making apps on iPad. Kids, designers, and dyslexics like me love it.

Shortcuts: The improved speed-editor

We've simplified our "visual speed editor".
It's now even quicker to edit your app and much easier on the eye.

You see your app right in front of you. Click any yellow hotspot to instantly edit that part of your app. You trigger this beauty by clicking the "shortcut" button...