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Re: If i switch on instantapp on an existing app will my web address stay the same?

Nope. It will not. That would confuse your customer.

Your app stays on the same domain it's always been.
But it's now editable right then and there. Either by scrolling to the bottom and clicking EDIT or by going to appcat.com/divina/edit. Amazing!

Re: Billing

Re: Upcoming Maintenance, Sunday, December 1st, 9AM PST

Service status update 1:

- All apps continuously live throughout process.
- All app backend and software transitioning to plan, albeit transitioning slower than expected due to new infrastructure's stringent security settings on some international servers.
- Still targeting ETA as per announcement, yet preparing for additional time to allow for additional testing prior to public re-release, weighing app functionality over software accessibility.

Your patience is appreciated.


If you don't find what you're looking for or can't sign up to send us a Direct Message, feel free to email us at help@app.cat.

Re: SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Show them the tutorial video for InstantApp. It has a super impressive segment that shows why Google favors App.Cat and how clients can finally be found thanks to App.Cat. Let me know if you think this segment would deserve to be a separate, autonomous video for your pitching needs.

Re: Billing

We never charge for all apps at once. An app's hosting fee (if it's not on freeappcat.com) happens on its birthday every month. This makes it much more precise and prevents liquidity spikes. Also: Take advantage of the detailed receipt because this legitimate expense is tax deductible if you run your business properly. This article has all the details including how to quickly move your apps to freeappcat.

Re: Is it possible turn off InstantApp access for a customer who behaves badly?

Did you know the password can be changed?
When you delete the old app and make the new one; go into Instant App, scroll down and click on More... and there is a box there to change the password. There should be no way that your customer can get in.

Re: Is it possible turn off InstantApp access for a customer who behaves badly?

This is what i needed to know. Thank you very much for your help.
You were very patient with me ;)