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Best Of

Re: Is it possible turn off InstantApp access for a customer who behaves badly?

This is what i needed to know. Thank you very much for your help.
You were very patient with me ;)

Re: Is it possible turn off InstantApp access for a customer who behaves badly?

And I couldn't sell the app to other client becouse the old owner could access and erase all. To solve the problem there will need a new password for IA Editor every time you change the App name.

Re: Breaking the ice, - for your martini

went back with 6 6" * 4" cards one A4 window and one sheet of labels with Facebook symbol and the QR code, Left copy of generic coffee shop and back this week.
that original freeby certainly works.
at another place one card and one a4 sheet got two coffees AND an appointment....

Re: Menu Button/Icons

WOW I think that the menu is great BUT I disagree it EXACTLY fills their needs. If you had the same menu available with a set of business Icons I believe it would be very useful for many more. Jim

Re: Is it possible turn off InstantApp access for a customer who behaves badly?

Oh Wow! Thank you so much for that!
That is SO MUCH easier than what I was doing and suggesting to @fb2209!

Re: Paint the town - Why your splash page looks better than any other app

@SarahSkinnyGold, On this thread you refer to no object and font zero. What about the icon? Is there a way to don't have the icon flying? Some time it is useful to have nothing but the background.

Re: App Showcase

Looks good.
Use your app's pretty URL, though: www.appcat.com/brightapps/
The one you listed is an internal one and not as impressive...

Images in gallery: Always make sure you use images that you OWN. Finding images on the Internet does not construe ownership of said asset.

Make your images square unless you really like the automatic color fill App.Cat adds around letterboxes to non-square images. It's an artistic decision which is up to you.

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