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The Hahn Super Dry Team Latitude Vision:

The Hahn Super Dry Team Latitude is a group of professional and semi-professional triathletes, half senior, half junior. All are recognisable names in the Australian triathlon community. The athletes are predominantly long course/ iron distance competitors.

The team will compete at selected races starting with its debut at the O2 Creations Triathlon Festival in Port Douglas on the 1st September; with 6 of the athletes on the list to compete in the Half Iron distance event.

The Hahn Super Dry Team Latitude has its main focus on giving back to the sport of Triathlon and assisting small races and clubs build triathlon profile.

To reiterate – The focus of the Hahn Super Dry Team Latitude is to assist in the building and publicity of smaller “niche” races. Not the big corporate events.

The other main focus of the Hahn Super Dry Team Latitude is to help give young athletes get a start at some of these races as the costs of competing is out of range of the standard professional triathlete.

We all know there is no money in triathlon, and even harder for the young guys, this gives them a chance to have some good hit-outs alongside experienced guys at some hopefully tough events.

The team is about PR of the sport, and also PR of the athletes!

If you are interested in getting involved as a sponsor or have a race you want the Team to attend please contact us now at info@teamlatitude.com
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